Tuesday, 21 February 2012

lil sister has it going on

Anyone who knows me or meets me for the first time very quickly becomes acquainted with just how much of a Beyonce fan I am. I absolutely love the woman, but right now my loyalties are starting to sway a bit towards her MEGA fine lil sister Solange. (Sorry Bey - I'm sure you wouldn't mind though). I am currently OBSESSED with her blog. Her style, her hair, her photography and her super cute son are just so lush!

To see all the glory that is Ms Knowles you can find her blog http://mydamnblog.com


  1. First of all, YOU ARE GORGEOUS!
    second, you have an amazing style!!

    Love love love your blogg!
    I have to follow you! please do follow me back!
    It'll be my pleasure

  2. I cant find your follow gadget.. please let me know if you have added it on falakhussein@outlook.com