Monday, 20 February 2012

Monday Moo

Oh it's Monday Hazzah! Well, I've been trying to be chirpy today and keep my pecker up (an expression I have inherited from my mama). I got told today that I sound like a Monday by one of my clients which rather made me lol. Anyway, apart from it being fashion week here in London town at the moment ( I'll go into that in a bit) I am super MEGA excited about the launch of series 5 of Madmen - He is officially back..Mmmm he definitely is the DON!!! It's worth getting a TV just for the teaser ad alone. Unfortunately no - I still don't have one (TV that is). I love being every advertiser's nightmare.

Anyway, fashion week. I am most excited about seeing Mary Katrantzou's work this week. Her designs are stunning. I am absolutely infatuated with the colours and the out of this world imagery she uses in her clothes. I just wished I could have even afforded the Topshop Unique versions. Absolutely gutting! But I am sure what she shows tomorrow will blow the below out of the stratosphere.

You see so so perrrrttty! 

                                                          And for the Topshop designs...

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